S.T.E.M./S.T.R.E.A.M. Services Update


by William "Bill" Worsley, updated 4-4-18 06:00


I am extremely fortunate that gifted resources of time and material have been provided to jump several projects. Most  are already capable of covering a large size school district and much more. 

My hope is that these resources can be helpful to learners of all ages. Due to the traditional way I have been sponsored, it's best that I am hired as a employee or long term contractor. Then, one or more of the programs below would be added to my job description.

This would be perfect for a school or University! Both the students and parents could be served... as well as the surrounding community. The valuation factor of these gifted services are obvious! 

Can you help me find a home for these programs? I am open to forming a 501c3 or merging resources with one.

Why should you help?

1.  I LOVE what I do.

2.  It will help deserving people, organizations and communities with building a skill set regarding technology, communications, reading, writing and arithmetic.

3. Since the bulk of resources are already gifted, only a reasonable salary is needed for management and full implementation!

4. I can work with a Faith or Business based entity.

5. Co-branding is available!

6. The value of our specialist volunteers and gifted non-monetary resources are quite sizable. It would definitely be a plus to any education related entity and the community. 

7. All volunteers and staff are background checked above and beyond all local, state, federal and international requirements!

Take a look below!:



Most programs can be implemented without any additional cost, other than a negotiable/supplemented salary. Example: Currently a 24/7 Radio Station... including Apple and Android Apps Is available. You would just add that “responsibility” into my "job description". Most projects and programs below, require that I am employed by a educational institution.  Why not save tens of thousands of dollars, even potentially millions....by contacting me today!


AFTER you request a FREE username... you can login to www.STEMPROJECT.TYPINGCLUB.COM. Users can leave our MANAGED account and make there own at anytime. It's our way of helping get folks to learn to type. It is a good skill set related to coding and the general business world! 


Have YOUR own On-Line Radio Station & App!

Does YOUR district need a managed 24/7 on-line radio station.... with Apple & Android apps? A sponsor would like to offer establishing a on-line station for a school district. ALL or most cost is covered, other than a (augmented) salary for a manager. Contact William Worsley for more information.

S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M.Programs & Projects

Core Principles In ALL Programs

  1. Provide a well-rounded atmosphere to foster positive Mental, Spiritual and Physical health.
  2. Be a productive member of society.
  3. Respect your fellow human being.
  4. Participants my be required to pass a background check for learning some advanced subject matter.
  5. ALL of our volunteers and employees are required to pass a background check, including finger printing, drug testing and mood of living. (This is required by law, company policy or due to a specialized advanced learning environment that has been made available.)
  6. ALL programs have a K-12, College/University, Special Needs, General Adult and Senior Citizen version.
  7. ALL programs have a certified E.S.L., Academic Rigor and Behavior/Special needs Consultant!
  8. A on-line version of ALL programs are in development!


  • Drone, Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing Pilot Course. (Choice of basic fundamentals or real pilot license path with one of our partners.)
  • Rocketry 
  • Modern, state of the art software.
  • Build or Re-Build a REAL plane or other aircraft capability in house and with a partner. (We are currently needing a facility that will sponsor the space, NOT the content... but we will accept BOTH!)

Mass Communications

  • Students will learn Photography, Video Production, News Print, Radio & TV Broadcasting, Music Recording and Media Streaming.
  • Students will operate a REAL on-line radio station and digital video streaming portal.(We need space.. NOT gear... but will accept BOTH!)
  • They will have access to a state of the art mobile production truck for some lessons.

More Programs!

Maritime Science

Currently, we are making arrangements with entities to provide real life experiences with:

  1. Passenger Ships
  2. Tankers
  3. Fishing Vessels
  4. High Speed Craft
  5. Cargo
  6. *Military (Pending) 

Coding/Computer Science

  1. Basic Coding Concepts and Languages
  2. We would love to partner with a school, business or community entity. 
  3. Note: One of our interested instructors wishes to develop a full-blown on-line radio station with Apple and Android apps...... if you hire him to manage it. (A GREAT deal when you only have to pay a salary well under what it would cost to run/operate your own.)

Reading, Writing & Math

  1. On-Line, direct paired and classroom methods are available.
  2. We have access to and can team learners of ALL ages up with Edgenuity,  iReady, Kurzweil Education and more.
  3. Books are Historical, Scientific, Non-Fiction and Fiction Books that challenge the mind and teach the reader to think in a positive manner for themselves.

STEM-Maritime Science 101

Call To Volunteer! FREE Travel. Background Check Required!

STEM- Robotics Project Sponsored

I'm at the END of the video. :-) These type of on hands training events are within the curriculum I wrote. Thanks to EPSON, Carolina Fluid Dynamics, A Better World and Global WarNing Network. 

"Did you know robots need to be told what to do? At least for now. They are leaning to figure out things themselves with better algorithms"  :-)  W.W.